Hang About can carry out minor repairs on most timber furniture, including stabilisation of loose/fragile joints, resurfacing to remove stains and abrasions, and rejuvenation of timeworn finishes.

Hang About furniture restoration understands the value and memories that furniture can have, not to mention the actual original monetary value required for its original purchase.  Ray can take was is a tired and worn piece of furniture and lovingly restore it back to its original brilliance. Or if you prefer, Ray can also add a slightly different look to your piece by changing up the legs, arms or colour of the stain.



Hang About furniture restoration encourages you to restore and salvage rather that throw away and create more rubbish. You’ll be surprised just how wonderful that aged piece of furniture will look with some restoration craftsmanship.

Ray takes a like of pride in his work – whether he’s creating a new piece of furniture or restoring a worn table or broken chair. In this day and age we unfortunately have become a accustomed to mass produced furniture that has a limited use by date and is generally made from cheap inferior materials.  It makes so much more sense to restore your quality pieces of furniture than waste money on poorly made replacements.


Investing your time and money into a better decision when it comes to furniture restoration really does add up and make sense.

Broken or worn

Ray will assess your restoration piece and offer you a cost effective solution to having it back to full working order and looking brilliant.  Sometimes Ray will be able to offer you a recycled wooden replacement or handcraft a replacement piece.  Hang About always encourage recycled timber as an alternative because just like your furniture, the environment is also worth looking after!

Aged or deteriorated

If it can’t look exactly like your existing we let you know what you can expect or offer alternative options. Old and worn can sometimes look great!

We saw the value in having our couple of worn yet valued pieced of furniture lovingly restored…Ray made it happen and we can’t thank him enough.

George and Grace Williams

Unsure if its worth your while to have any of your furniture pieces restored?

Bring in your furniture pieces or piece and Ray will access your furniture and let you know what you can expect. He doesn’t believe in waste and that includes offering you best value for money solutions for your project.