Project Description

Trish Goody

Since having life saving spinal surgery in 2011 which ended my corporate career as a successful Brisbane Real Estate Agent, I turned to my special passion, painting, to fulfill my spiritual destiny and heal my body.

Before my life in the Corporate sector, I was involved in the dance world as a teacher and principal of a large Dance Academy in Auckland, New Zealand specializing in ballet, jazz and choreography. I produced many stage shows which also engaged my creative talent as  a costume and scenery designer.

As I began the long process of learning to walk again, I discovered my “true calling”  – art. It became my passion and now in this chapter of my life, it is all about my art. I am consumed and fuelled by it and am now painting full time!

My original works and limited edition prints  are selling both locally and internationally. “Please enjoy my paintings , they come to you with peace and love”.