Project Description

Donna Malone

Donna Malone is a Brisbane-based artist who has been represented by Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery for over 10 years.

Her practise depends on the persuasion and engagement of available materials and the environment. The interplay of breath/spirit through drawing and paper collage informs her practice.

“For me Drawing is not just the art of measuring and putting down it is also the act of receiving. When the language of Drawing is open, I experience and respond to an energy coming from behind the given set of appearances.

Collaging necessitates the paper being interrogated in an urgent and sensual way by marking, erasing, folding, gluing, shuffling, gauging and stapling it to exploit its surface.

Through both these processes, I am aware of a reciprocal energy moving towards me in an insistent and unspoken dialogue. By collaborating with this energy, I am participating in ‘a slice of the action’ as a series of marks and exertions are caught on the material and become the image.

The work is ‘done’ when the piece is still alive and conversing, when it hasn’t been laboured over or silenced, when I am still able to hear it breathe.”