Project Description

Hayley Wills

Hayley Wills is an Everton Park artist who works most nights to keep up with the demand for her vibrant and abstract and botanical works. “I usually have four to six paintings on the go at one time, so they are laid out all over our bed and leaning up against every free wall,’’

While Hayley has painted all of her life, she only started selling her work late last year at the suggestion of her husband. Her work was immediately snapped up and Hayley, who formerly worked in management, suddenly had a new career.

Hayley is often inspired by the bright palettes favoured by her children and favours streamlined designs, focusing on a hero colour and a single flower or branch.“I’m inspired by a neighbour’s banksia, my mother-in-law’s gum blossoms or a tiny flower my daughter has picked at Nan’s place.”