Project Description

Helena Jackson Lloyd

My practice is all about place. And I am interested in wild places.

My chosen wild place could be in a dry creek bed, a coastal mangrove swamp, or an open grassy plain.

In his book Landmarks, Robert MacFarlane writes: “The terrain beyond the city fringe has become progressively more understood in terms of large generic units (“field”, “hill’, “valley’, “wood”). It has become a blandscape. We are blase about place, ….meaning indifferent to the distinction between things.”

In a sense I am working against MacFarlane’s notion of a ‘blandscape’. In examining a place, I am aiming for connection; a return to a longing to be one with the landscape, fighting my own sense of dislocation, and alienation…. I am looking for enchantment within the landscape, and with place.

To study/connect with a place I work intensively ‘en plein air” (outdoors on location). Once I arrive at a place, I become present within the location and aware of my surroundings by walking, listening, feeling, surveying, and collecting things along my journey. Then I start making marks, loosely feeling the lay of the land with my pencil. I build up the surfaces with layers of mixed media and mark making, painting, scratching, erasing etc. Often using materials found on location such as twigs, branches, ochres.