Project Description

Peter Bull

Peter originally studied to be an artist, back in the 20th Century. He spent 2 years studying vocational Fine Arts, three years undergraduate Fine Arts studies majoring in painting, then a Masters degree in Film and TV from the Royal College of Art in London.

For a number of years Peter worked as a stills photographer, cinematographer and film editor, then came to Australia to become a Producer of Educational Media for the Qld Govt. That eventually led to designing and producing multimedia and interactive educational software.

In the late 90s he began to draw and paint again, mostly at weekends, and in 2006 Peter Bull had his first solo exhibition. In 2011, he built a workshop/studio in Brisbane (‘The Shed’), and now, he’s a fulltime artist again. Peter is a multi-disciplined artist, continually experimenting with new and unusual media. His current series includes wire sculptures of the human form and limited edition block prints but there are some surprises to come!