Project Description

Mark Gawne

People seeing Mark’s paintings for the first time are often struck by the colour, texture and size of his work. Mark’s semi-abstract landscapes reflect the starkness and colour of the Australian outback, with foregrounds that dominate the canvas in the vibrant colours of the Red Centre, or the strong greens and golds of Queensland’s far west.

The use of impasto on vivid foregrounds ensures they dominate Mark’s paintings, while pale atmospheric skies create an illusion of distance and space.

“I love painting in the field, for the sheer joy of sitting in a landscape among the kangaroos and birds of prey, or sleeping in a river bed on a clear night. I like to think this love of nature is reflected in my work. The only way to get the genuine feel of the landscape is to spend time in it and I hope that comes through in my painting.”

Mark has won a number of awards and prizes and has attracted numerous newspaper and magazine articles.