Come and see our range of beautiful custom-made bowls in a variety of woods, styles and finishes.  Perfect as a unique gift, both decorative and functional.

Each piece is meticulously turned, shaped and treated with the craftsmanship and dedication of a true artisan. Ray takes great pride in his years of experience he has gained to enable him to offer you each work of art.  Ray truly understands wood and just how grain, texture and colour plays such an important role when turning each piece.



“Like finding a hidden treasure” is how Hang About Wood turning artisan ‘Ray’ best describes the rewards of working with wood in this age old art of wood turning.

There is no greater reward than discovering how each unique piece of wood revels itself when placed on the lathe.  Selecting how deep and fine each piece should be can only really sometimes be governed by the wood itself. A predetermined design is often ‘turned on its head’ because the actual piece of wood has other ideas as how it prefers to be shown.


Avada & Avada is an award winning company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of design.

Character and shape

Sometimes the final shape of the bowl is determined by how the wood reveals itself. The grain and patterns of each piece are unique and only when you enter into the wood can you truly see what wonders it has to offer. Only then does the bowl reveal its final shape and character.

Colour and design

Final finishes and colour really are determined by the wood itself. Applying varnish reveals a whole new look and finish that you could never have predetermined, and that is the beauty of working with wood.

When I saw the skill and detail that had gone into each of Ray’s finely turned bowls, I wanted all four of them for my home!

Richard Gilmour

The first and most essential factor that determines the character of each bowl comes down to the selection of the wood piece. Sometimes you receive the most amazing surprise when you enter into the depths of the wood and it reveals its hidden secrets.

Some of the best pieces have knots and flaws within its grain, which actually enhance the piece and the overall character. That’s why wood is one of the most rewarding materials to work with.